Tour Companies Are Already Offering Lotr Tours In New Zealand In Anticipation Of The New Series

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Tour Companies Are Already Offering Lotr Tours In New Zealand In Anticipation Of The New Series

Offering the best flexible New Zealand escorted tours with no date or itinerary restrictions. True Lord of the Rings lovers shouldn’t settle for less than a full-day exploring Middle Earth. Departing from Queenstown, you’ll travel to some of the most beautiful filming locations in the area. Visit Gladden Fields, Isengard, the Misty Mountains, and more. Learn more about the iconic forests, rivers, and glacial valley landscapes that have been part of film-making history.

How long does the Hobbiton Tour take?

Weta Workshop extended tour, Weta Cave, The beautiful Roxy Theatre for lunch ~ included in the tour. Visit the Embassy Theatre to see The Hobbit World Premiere and ROTK. Hidden among the rolling hills of the Waikato region is the Hobbiton Movie Set, which is one of New Zealand’s most popular Tolkien-inspired locations. Guided walking tours explore a leafy hillside dotted with 44 colorful hobbit holes, actually dismantled after filming was completed on Lord of the Rings, but then rebuilt for The Hobbit. Tours of Shire end with a drink at Green Dragon Inn on the lakeside. Special Evening Banquet and Second Breakfast experiences also available.

In Anticipation Of The New Series, Tour Companies Already Offer Lotr Tours In New Zealand

“These words were greeted us by a huge sign at Auckland Airport as soon as we stepped off the airplane. It was a fitting start to our literary adventure through New Zealand, where The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed. Queenstown is home to so many Lord of the Rings or Hobbit locations, that we always stay three nights to ensure we have enough time to see all of Middle Earth. We always head up the to Glenorchy to see the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien, Isengard and Amon Hen, and we’ll pass Ithilen Camp on the way too. The Fiord of Bruinen is where Frodo and Arwen were being chased by the Nazgul and Arwen comes up with a neat trick to cause a flood and wash the baddies away. Frodo had been stabbed, and we all thought that he was going mad. But we knew that he would survive because it was only the second film.

How old is Gandalf, the GREY?

It includes both North and South Islands. There is plenty of time to relax and take part in Lord of the Rings tours. You can visit the stunning locations of Middle Earth, such as Hobbiton, Mount Doom and the Misty Mountains. There is also the option to visit Weta Workshop. You can travel along the Kapiti coast to visit Waitarere Forest. This is the location of Osgiliath Wood and Trollshaw Forest. Home to Peter Jackson, Wellington provided lots of scope for locations. Bree was built on an ex-army base. Minas Tirith, Isengard fortifications, and Helms Deep are all within minutes of Bree.

If the minimum requirement is not met, you will be offered a new date/experience or a full reimbursement. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the experience’s start will not be refunded. Just returned from the 24 hour national 3 Peaks Challenge with Bookitlist. From start to finish the group I was in was well looked after. From pick up to drop off the team were well organised & made the experience/challenge as enoyable & relaxing as possible. It was an unforgettable experience and I will be looking forward to their next trips.

The event lasts only 4 hours, so even if you’re not a huge LOTR fan, you’ll still have plenty of time for other activities. Queenstown also has many amazing Airbnbs and bach/holiday home rentals! When you stay in an Airbnb, you have the option of modern homes, central apartments, cozy cottages, and many other options.

Arrive in the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown via flight. Indulge in the adrenaline pumping Shotover Jet Ride in Queenstown through spectacular narrow canyons. Take in the misty air for a captivating Lord of the Rings feel. You can indulge in the culture, tradition, and beauty of the island nation by taking part in the Mitai Cultural Experience which includes the traditional war dance, Haka. As your New Zealand Tour Package takes to you to Matamata, prepare to explore the depths of Middle Earth. You will find Hobbiton, the home of the hobbits if you dig a little deeper in Matamata.

How much does it cost for Hobbiton to be visited?