Letting yourself be dazzled by the millionaire prizes of progressive slots is natural for many players. After all, some versions like Mega Moolah, Major Millions and Gladiator made a name for themselves when their lucky users won the jackpot.

The sum of 17 million Euros that ended up in the hands of the player, allowed Microgaming to enter the Guinness Book of World Record. Mega Moolah, meanwhile, became one of the most respected slots and, since 2006 -first release date- until the current days, there are many update versions and important prizes that it has delivered.

With such a good overview, it could be believed that these machines do not receive enough credit, when the reality is that skepticism is due to the fact that, no matter how many prizes are shown, the chances of winning them are very low.

Even so, this certainly does not prevent thousands of players from entering the gaming rooms with the intention of giving these devices a chance. In a progressive jackpot machine, although there are not long lines of impatient players who want to try their luck, people who want to try them still represent a significant number.

Progressive jackpots, for the simple fact of representing a challenge, are attractive. In addition, in their slots, they still manage a quite fun dynamic that fills with adrenaline and expectation to each of the users.

However, playing in them is usually more expensive than in a conventional slot machine. In that sense, many players have determined when is the right time to take part in luck and venture with these machines.

Play on machines whose prizes have never been claimed

For those who do not know how a progressive jackpot works, the simple and practical explanation states that players, all over the world, enter credit in the slots. From the money received, the machine allocates a percentage to a “jackpot” that accumulates until a millionaire profit is obtained that, eventually, the machine ejects.

Based on this, this recommendation arises for the players: start the game on machines whose jackpot has never been cashed. How is it possible to know this? Very easy, just take a look at the amount of the pot. If it is large enough (with a figure of six numbers), the odds increase significantly.

Play on machines whose prizes have not been claimed in a long time

Mega Moolah is the clear example of this theory, given that annually it is distributing important prizes among its players. This has ruled out the idea that you should wait years to fill the boat and make it “blow up”. Of course, there are factors that influence.

The first thing that must be taken into account is the number of players that, worth the redundancy, play. The more popular the jackpot, the more users it attracts. Therefore, faster credit accumulates. Also, it is important to pay attention to the figures: the progressive jackpots are entirely random, so the fatter the figure, the more lucrative it can be.

 Play when the budget admits it

The requirements of the slot machines change drastically according to their prizes. Thus, those of regular prizes also called “low denomination” will not require more than cents per round, at the most, a dollar.

However, progressive or “high denomination” machines will require players a higher credit income, perhaps a couple of dollars or, as a result, all the money they need to fill the pay lines.

When a person has a loose budget, there is no problem in trying their luck in a progressive jackpot, but if the goal is to avoid losing a lot of money, it is best to stay away from these machines, after all, winning in them borders on very low possibilities that translate as long-term losses.

Play with a routine that is feasible

In slot machines, it is very easy to lose track of time and, unfortunately, the time-money relationship is not established in this game. Therefore, putting together a comfortable routine, that does not go outside the limits and that is profitable in the short and long term, is what is most recommended.

Trying luck on low denomination machines – which pay more frequently – can be the first step in creating this “game pattern”. Also, the bettors must define a weekly budget – in case they are regulars – or monthly. With regard to time, the alarms of cell phones and watches are the best option to know that it is time to stop.

Play for fun

This is the secret of all casino games, especially because, although it is discouraging to say so, all machines, tables, and video games are designed to lose more money than you earn. Assimilate everything as a pastime in which you can run with luck is what is needed to have a great time.